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A shoe as a means of travel

by Loula Levedi

BABOUCHES: A traditional leather shoe from the Arabic-Muslim world.
It appears in France the sixteenth century and reappears with CHANEL for Cruise Paris-Dubaï collection 2015. I just could not help to see Jasmine on it, flying with it. A shoe, as a magic carpet, transporting us where the magic is.

This shoe could easily guide us to a mental journey into the world of the East or even the Egyptian feluccas and associatively, even if it seems strange, in Roman times as a chariot which leads passionately horses, just like CHANEL leads and counts passionate fans and believers.

Chanel Babouches - ICONSPIRACY

Chanel Babouches - ICONSPIRACY

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Τhe image synthesis is created by Loula Levedi and is protected by copyright.

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