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White high waisted pants

by Xeni Kouveli

It appears I have an addiction to white colored clothes. White is always nice, makes you feel luxurius and bla bla bla… I am not gonna say more about white and how to style it. That’s why we have photos. I will however, give you some details of my married life and conversations.
Victor, my hubby AND my No.1 style critic, says that I have far greater addictions that I should be worried about, rather than white clothes. Victor actually says:

I have an addiction to pizza. (Is it that obvious?) I try to be as gentle as possible when we order in. I guess my expressions can never be hidden, except if I start intensive botox sessions, which I’ve been considering extensively lately! But in my defense, Victor is addicted as well and he can be worse than me when he eyes fresh pizza.

He says, I’m addicted to Coca Cola light. I say, who isn’t?
He says my addiction to high waisted bikinis is terrible! He hates those bikinis and panties. We fight most of the time about this. Oh men!
He says I’m addicted to cleaning the house. I replied, very neatly, “I’m a virgo, what did you expect?”
He continued by saying I’m addicted to shopping and it’s bad. I laughed out loud.
The conversation ended there.

This conversation (or should I say Convo?) happened while driving to the “shoot location”.

Kat, please tell us about your addictions. It will be a funnier Convo post.

Kiss. Kiss.

Thalatta Fringy Sea Blue

White pantalone





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