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Alexander Wang x H&M x the Fanny Pack

by Xeni Kouveli

You might have already seen the Alexander Wang & H&M Stylelove Outfit but you haven’t seen the very new Fringy Fanny Pack by Thalatta! Really big smiley face. Or you might have, if you follow me on Instagram. If you don’t, you should! Sticking out tongue face.

So, yes! The Fringy Fanny Pack is out and you can get it online at www.thalattaconcept.com. It comes in two different colors, black and brown and it’s like no other bag. You see, you can wear it as a simple bumbag or play with it as depicted in the photos. The possibilities are endless.

Do share your thoughts. And… Do you like the facelift?
Fringy Kisses to all.

Photos by Loula Levedi, taken with my SONY Nex-C3

Thalatta Fringy Fanny Pack

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M



Alexander Wang x H&M, Chanel mask sunglasses, Thalatta Fringy Fanny Pack.

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