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Back then (once again)

Jeffrey Campbell flatforms

by Xeni Kouveli

It wasn’t that long ago when flat-platforms suddenly became a trend. A trend that I personally welcomed very warmly and kept on endorsing ever since. You see it did take me back to my school days when we were desperately searching for ways to make our sneakers higher and higher. And back at that time, Monastiraki was THE place to find shoes like that. If I wanna be honest I don’t really want to remember my sneakers back then. Huge white/black Filas. They were quite auful, although I have seen a certain someone, fashion designer, not gonna say who, who wears sneakers like the ones I’m talking about… Cough cough… Not judging cause you never know what you’ll wear in the future!

I remember my grandma saying to me, “where are you going with those “varkes” on your feet???” (For non-Greeks, “varkes” are small boats. The expression has stayed with me ever since. Laughing out loud now. So, what was I saying… Yes I like platforms and flatforms. They make me tall(er). This season, Stella Mc Cartney made a pair that haunt me every day. I seriously want those shoes, but until I own them (it might take a while) I’ll settle with my old Jeffrey Campbell’s. C’est la vie.

Kiss. Kiss.
p.s. Shop the look-alikes at the bottom of the page.






Platforms, faux leather skirt, grey sweater, H&M Studio chaki top, Italia Independent sunglasses from Kokkoris Optics. Minas rings.


  • Eleni

    Love the varkes flatworms or whatever we call ’em and especially on you they rock even more! Beauty incarnate!

    September 23, 2014
  • September 30, 2014

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