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Front Row Jacket

Bomber Khaki

by Xeni Kouveli

It’s weird that most of the clothes I grew up with are back in fashion at the moment and so frustrating that I haven’t kept any of them. Like my red pair of Νew Balance, Stan Smiths, those vintage Levis I never should have thrown away or my original flight-bomber jacket with fur bought from Monastiraki -we used to call it “Wolf” (λύκος) at school. They might not look as good and new anymore but I could still wear that wolf jacket easily.

Lucky me, Front Row Shop sent me a great bomber jacket, all advanced for 2014. It has a whole layer of toule on top! I got very surprised because I didn’t realize it existed up until I got it in my hands. To top the look off, a pair of old school classic converse from Kix Store in Kifissia is the greatest trip back down memory lane and in combination they made me feel like a teenager again. Now, where’s my Marlboros?

Have a great week :-)

Front Row Jacket

Thalatta Fringy Black Matt

Front Row Jacket

Front Row Jacket

Converse All Stars

Front Row Shop Bomber Jacket, ASOS sweater, vintage lace dress, Calzedonia tights, Black leather Converse from Kix Store in Kifissia, Ray Ban Aviator sunnies, Gregio rings and Thalatta Fringy Black Matt.


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