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Can I have one of your bracelets?

raver costume

A raver’s question..

As promised, my “Raver” custome is up and running.. or should I say dancing?
So beside the fact that this whole “project” is making me look like a total fool, which I really don’t mind.. it has also taught me a lesson: It is very hard to be a raver and dress like one.

Firstly, you have the shoes.. very hard to dance all night with these shoes.
Secondly, extra weight from the backpack which is the most necessary thing in the whole outfit! You carry things.. like teddy Bears, bottles of water.. maybe apples or some kind of food for when needed.
Thirdly, extra weight from stuff hanging around your neck or on your arms.. Βeads bracelets are also mandatory for a raver’s look!
And I could carry on by saying that rave music can harm your ears pretty bad.. but a true raver is a raver because of the music. Correct?

Anyway.. ask me anything if you need advice on a raver’s costume.
I can fix you! Tongue sticking out face

Happy Friday, Happy weekend!

raver costume

raver costume


raver costume

raver costume

raver costume


Wearing: Zara skirt, G-star top, Accessorize backpack, Asos shoes, Inglot eyelashes, Calzedonia tights


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