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Cover your body Up

Max Mara Coat

Do it

Celine, DKNY, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham and all the others showed us how to do it and they showed it well.. very well. Now, get in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet, find that old, perhaps one or two sizes larger coat that they used to wear while taking you out for sweets with the stroller. It’s there somewhere.. I mean you might have to dig deep.. but you will find it. It may be intact or it might need a few adjustments.. but I think it will be worth it! You can thank me later.

If your relatives did not kept their old coats for you.. for when you grow up (I can understand your frustration).. then you will need some euros/dollars.

Happy weekend!

You will find many coats at ZARA, Topshop, ASOS or you can scroll down this page and find some that I picked out for you.

Victoria Beckham sleeveless coat

Cats Fall-Winter 2013 / 2014

DKNY coat

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1. Tildon ‘Lofty’ Wool Coat from Nordstrom (EUR 92)
2. Oversized Wrap Front Coat from ASOS (EUR 148.26)
3. Cheap Monday Trench Coat In Black from ASOS (EUR 113.22)
4. SURFACE TO AIR Coat from YOOX ($ 390.00)
5. ANIYE BY Coat from YOOX ($ 268.00)

First photos borrowed from vogue.co.uk


  • Eleni

    I need a cocoon shaped oversized coat in baby pink. The carven one wouldn’t hurt much but I think I’ll just have to resort to the H&M version! ;)

    October 18, 2013

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