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Mango pants

Cropped and Socks

by Xeni Kouveli

Wearing my THALATTA Fringy fanny pack as a belt is my latest thing. Here it keeps the pants in place at the length I require, since once again I got the pants a size bigger. Not a smiley face. Another thing that has caught my attention and I like wearing a lot, is the cropped pants/funny socks situation, where when looking down at your feet, your socks make you smile.

Loula and I are sending you our love from Stockholm. Here socks are MANDATORY. Freezing… I cannot feel my feet.
Keep up with us and our Stockholm adventures on real-time on INSTAGRAM (#SLinStockholm)
Kiss. Kiss.

Mango pants

Mango pants


Uterque coat

thalatta fringy fanny pack

ann demeulemeester sneakers

UTERQUE coat, TOPSHOP turtleneck, MANGO pants, ANN DEMEULEMEESTER sneakers, THALATTA Fringy fanny pack ON SALE, DVF sunnies (similar), AMERICAN APPAREL socks, ZARA scarf.

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