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by Xeni Kouveli

I sometimes obsess over things very much. It depends on the day, for example when I’m having “those” days of the month. I can be a real pain in the arse. About a month ago I got obsessed with culottes. I know it’s a trend now and everybody can obsess over those sort of pants, but if you think about it, culottes can be very difficult to style. They ‘cut’ your legs at that particular height that can make your body look unattractive. Am I right? or am I right?

Man Repeller can wear culottes (actually whatever shes wears can look as cool as hell!) and make you want to buy them instantly. But, when I followed the link to her culottes their price made me freeze and stop dead in my tracks. The feeling of panic shot through me when I knew I could never afford that pair of Rosie Assoulin’s culottes. Only if I suddenly win the lottery. But this can never happen as well.

So I thought of my good friend Mrs. Panagiota. She is a star, really. She made me this pair of culottes and I know they don’t look as cool as Rosie’s but they did make my obsession cool off. And I thank her. So what I’m trying to say is, there are alternatives… Custom made culottes / skirts / clothes – scarfs as tops. Winking an eye now.

Kiss. Kiss.

p.s. Sorry for the quality of the photos. My camera just happened to run out of battery so we had to use the HTC one mini.




thalatta fringy sea blue

thalatta fringy sea blue

Custom made culottes
silk taftan custom made scarf wrapped around as a top
Zara old heels
vintage summer long jacket
Thalatta Fringy Blue.


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