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Friday Inspo


by Xeni Kouveli

Every Friday I feel so happy and fresh and wonderful and… I can go on and on simply because I have a whole weekend to do what ever I want! Yay!!! Party poopers emoticon!

What I want to do every weekend, besides relaxing, drinking, partying (joking, I mostly watch TV series), is many things, many ‘selfie’ private things, things you do in your free time as a girl. Fix my eyebrows, do my nails… that sort of thing. Every single time my top priority is to experiment with make-up. It might sound a bit shallow… Isn’t there anything else to do? Really Xeni? Like, read an effing book for example? (and there are so many books I want and have to read) I am not shallow. I am just a girl; make up is girly and needs practice so you can understand where I’m coming from. No?

So, these MAC make up pictures from Milan Fashion Week A/W 2014 are my inspiration for this weekend and I intend to try them. All. And maybe do a bit more of an eccentric look, besides it is the last weekend of the carnival in Greece right? In between my ‘make up’ sessions I am gonna start reading a book too. There you go. I feel much better with myself now.

Enjoy the long weekend and cheerio. See you next week.
Kiss. Kiss.










Inspiration Photos from Mac, Pinterest, Style.com, buro247.ru, vogue.fr


  • Eleni

    yes and yes and some extra dose of yes! <3 I get the same remorse about books! Damn you internet and instagram and all that.

    March 4, 2014

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