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Fur, fringes, high waisted jeans


You, me and a Gif

Everytime we go out Victor & I, stop at some ‘convienient’ road, usually a road where people don’t pass by and take pictures. For the blog. For me. Victor is not always happy about this and who can blame him really, but because I am a weirdo and I don’t really care about the way my face looks in the pictures, it only takes a few minutes. And most of the times, I end up looking like this (View the pic above). And I must admit we do have fun during our ‘photoshoot‘.

So, in this post I give a gif with a gift! The man behind the camera. My man. IF you manage to see him through the quicker gif ever made.. Do lough with my face and my moves, but do not lough with my man.

And that is all.

Gregio rings

Stylelove Look




H&M faux fur jacket (similar from ASOS and on sale), Zara oversized shirt (similar from TOPSHOP), Sisley old blouse but looks like new :-) (similar), Levis 501 jeans (similar TOPSHOP mom jeans), Balenciaga booties, Thalatta Fringy Bag. Gregio rings.


  • Eleni

    The off white layering is so BOMB! A purely awesome look once more :)

    January 24, 2014

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