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Haunted Tuesday


by Xeni Kouveli

I present to you… The trend. The shoe. The platform.
The shoe that was worn the most by fashionistas this fall at all fashion weeks. The “masterpiece” that haunts me wherever I go.. instagram, facebook, pinterest, website, I SEE IT everywhere! The Stella McCartney Elyse lace-up platform shoes.

So tell me, how does it work? Did Stella send like a bunch of these shoes to all the girls? Did the girls pre-order them? Can Stella send me a pair too? I can seriously streetstyle the s*** out of these! Pardon my lang. It’s just that I am stuck on them. Έφαγα κόλλημα ρε παιδί μου!

You all have a good one!

Photo via collagevintage.com


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