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I wish I was little bit taller .. i wish i was a ?

i guess you all know this song..

well i listen to it right now and it makes me think ..
how many wishes i have everyday!! ok, beside all the obvious, like, world peace- no hunger-no pain- money to all the people-happiness-health etc.
The wishes start simple ..  like, “i wish i didn’t have to go to work 2day”, “i wish i get paid this month!”
and as the day goes by.. they get excessive .. “i wish i could fly to New York this moment”, “i wish i was taller!!”, “i wish i could own a Chanel and a Hermes” and it goes on.. and on..

so my today’s wishes in pictures!

New York and having breakfast @ Tiffany’s is an everyday wish!! > photos pinched from google

i wish i owned this kitchen! > photo pinched from google

I LOVE these PROENZA SCHOULER bags and booties!! so yes i wish i had them! > > photos pinched from google

Hotel das Cataratas > Brazil!!!! > photo from thea.gr > i have to go there!

I wish i could make a pavlova look as amazing as this!! photo from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

a DANNIJO Collar!! > photo from dannijo.com

So mainly .. i wish i could travel all year, shop though my travels, eat amazing food and .. that’s about it !! It all goes down to ONE wish ! “i wish i was a millionaire!!!”
what a dreamer!

Have an amazing day people who care to read this fantasy-post !
A day full of dreams and wishes !!
:-) :-)

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