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by Xeni Kouveli & Loula Levedi

I welcome you all to the new Stylelove column named ICONSPIRACY.
Loula Levedi, Stylelove’s photographer and visual artist, will be giving you every second week a post with the most amazing artistic – surrealistic – photographic images. Enjoy and share your thoughts. Smiley face.

ICONSPIRACY, is a conspiracy that is based on the image, the icon. A word which is originated from the greek language: εἰκών, eikōn (“image”). “The depicted objects are closer than they appear”. Closer to another kind of identity. In fact they reinvent themselves, from another context, usually a conceptual one. The images produced or else the “ICONSPIRACY” images highlight new possible or impossible affinities usually between symbols that people associate with fashion and images that we can meet everywhere, outside or inside our own minds. This image or icon combination can provide visual puns which most often lie in the possibility of reading – available to the viewer. The images are ultimately products of mental construction that lurks silently as another modern ritual.

This first ICONSPIRACY images were created to accompany the visual campaign for the XXL Fashion Room Service, October 2014, by Ozon Magazine. Nature and the Woman Figure was the main theme, onto which the whole idea was developed.

x is for xeni


  • Eleni

    I bow to the artist Loula Levedi and my gorgeous friend Xeni for this amazing artistic journey on which I’ll more than gladly embark upon <3

    November 20, 2014
  • loula

    we thank you so much this will be an honour …..to be with fellow passenger <3

    November 27, 2014

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