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If I were a shoe


I would be a fine LAURENCE DACADE boot

This hypothetical statement came to me this morning when I realized that the Shoescribe winter sales have begun and I am not in a position to buy any pair of shoes and the pain in my stomach and heart is indescribable! I am exagerating really but you get the point. These boots haunt my dreams ever since I first met them in 2012 when I was a year younger and the wrinkle on my forehead was still unnoticed. Things have happened since then.. I started obsessing on my dream and spending all my money towards ‘it’ and now shoes like these are even harder to own. You know my dream, making the bags that I have in my head a reality. But that’s ok. Shit happens.

Let me explain though why I am this boot.

I like to wear heels, but pumps and heeled sandals damage my feet. Sneakers are awesome and comfy. Boots like these are something in between. The heel is as tall as it should be to actually add a few points to my height and they can be quite comfy. I like comfy. I also like lux. Straps are easy. I am easy. I am as ‘loud’ like these boots are. Getting the attention, making a statement elegantly and smoothly but making a fuss every now and then when I have drunk a glass of wine or two more than usual.

So yes! I am a Laurence Dacade sueded, with metallic inserts, side buckled, ankle boot!
Now tell me, which shoe are you?

Kiss. Kiss.

Photo by shoescribe.com / Shop it here / But if you do, know this: I will be very very jealous!

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