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Discovering Kerastase NUTRITIVE

Discovering Kerastase NUTRITIVE

Kerastase NUTRITIVE Protocole Immunite Sécheresse

Kerastase NUTRITIVE Protocole Immunite Sécheresse


A new amazing collaboration with KERASTASE Greece is going to help me (and ultimately you) to realize the benefits and importance of in-salon treatments. For a few months, I will be reviewing my much needed hair improvement, since I’ll be visiting TEO Hair Saloon every month, where I’ll be trying out all Kérastase hair treatments. So, keep notes, follow me on instagram (@stylelove) and view the pictures under the hashtag #StylelovexKerastase or on my snapchat (@thestylelove).

First try out: Wednesday, May 17th

The Kérastase consultant/hairdresser at TEO Hair Saloon diagnosed my dried out hair and recommended the NUTRITIVE Protocole Immunite Sécheresse that goes one level deeper to restore a sense of touch to the hair.

The hairdresser applied the correct dosage tailored to my specific level of dryness and after 10 minutes of pampering and relaxing head massage my hair felt instantly hydrated, suppler and shinier. Based on this first diagnosis and perfectly executed NUTRITIVE Protocole Immunite Sécheresse treatment, the hairdresser suggested 3 simple steps to follow at home, so that the treatment can work its magic in the weeks to follow.

I have to report that the final result was simply majestic. My hair felt like new. Healthy, shiny and smooth like never before! So stay tuned for my next experience with Kérastase and do give it a try!

Find out more about Kérastase NUTRITIVE Protocole Immunite Sécheresse here.

Glyfada, Greece, May 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7.

Discovering Kerastase NUTRITIVEDiscovering Kerastase NUTRITIVEDiscovering Kerastase NUTRITIVEDiscovering Kerastase NUTRITIVEDiscovering Kerastase NUTRITIVEDiscovering Kerastase NUTRITIVE


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