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aristi Mountain Resort

Mountain vacation, Zagoroxoria Greece

Mountain vacation at ARISTI MOUNTAIN RESORT, Zagoroxoria

If you’re planning to visit ZAGOROXORIA any time soon for your mountain vacation, (the most beautiful 46 villages in Northern Greece, Epirus) you will need a pen and a paper to write these tips down. You will need at least 5 days to see things around. We’re talking about plenty of villages to visit and plenty of mountain activities to attend. Mountain life is much more about doing stuff rather than sitting by the fireplace all cozy, eat, drink, do nothing and clear your head. Although, you may need this for a few days as well!

1. You’ ll need a place to relax after the days of excursions. A fine place with jacuzzi, pool, masseur, excellent food and a breathtaking view. So, book at ARISTI MOUNTAIN RESORT in ARISTI village. You’ll thank me later.
2. Visit KLIDONIA bridge. Beautiful with a spicy local story. I’m not telling, you will have to visit.
2. Visit VIKOS village, located at the very start of the VIKOS GORGE, above the springs of VOIDOMATIS river.
3. Visit MEGALO PAPIGO village and try horse riding. Daphne of WHITE PEGASUS knows how to handle those horses. Winking my eye. Have a lunch at ASTRA taverna in MEGALO PAPIGO.
4. Visit MIKRO PAPIGO and try some local tsipouro at the local taverna. View the sunset. It’s A M A Z I N G!
5. Go to KAPESOVO village and on the way there stop at KOKKOROS bridge. Walk the bridge and see the tree fossils on the stones. When you arrive at KAPESOVO, enjoy a break at STERNA. The little shop in the village square. Try some local products. You will want to buy the whole shop, I’m telling you! It’s called STERNA (Greek: Στέρνα) because it has a traditional water tank, 13 meters deep in the center of the shop, built in 1848!
6. Visit VRADETO village and take a picture below the huge plane tree. During autumn their leaves become rose gold! Seriously! Smiley face.
7. Go and see the “konakia” houses (Σαρακατσάνικες Στάνες) at GYFTOKAMPO. Made by Sarakatsanous (Greek: Σαρακατσάνοι) who were an ethnic Greek population group, who were traditionally transhumant shepherds.
8. View the VIKOS GORGE from OXIA position and on the way there look around. You will realize that it is a beautiful stone forest.
9. Stop by KOUKOULI village for a coffee and learn all about the history of the village from the owner of the local square cafe. Smiley face. Here also begins a 30 mins trekking walk to KOKKOROS bridge.
10. Eat lunch-dinner at KATO (Lower) VITSA village. The taverna is called KANELLA & GARYFALO. Eat all the mushrooms dishes. Again, you’ll thank me later. Seriously!
11. Last but not least, try an extreme sport. Sticking my tongue out. Canoe or rafting with TRECKING HELLAS. It’s worth it.

So, that’s all folks and of course, DO stop taking pictures at some point and enjoy the scenery. It will stay in you mind forever. Enjoy your mountain vacation!

Kiss, kiss.

Thank you ARISTI MOUNTAIN RESORT for the hospitality, TRECKING HELLAS for the activities & DOYA KAROLINI for being my friend.
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7


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