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Nail Art Mania - Stylelove

Nail Art Mania

Nail Art by Les Coquettes Beauty Lab

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Nail Art by Les Coquettes Beauty Lab


Lately I have been obsessing over this Nail Art Mania that has ‘broken’ the internet (winking my eye) and I blame it all on Pinterest! Especially anything geometric. So, every time I manicure, I ask weird geometrical nails and my guess is that I’m not the favorite of the girls at the salon. Smiley face. I mean, it takes more time than usual, I understand.
Anyhow, here is my latest nail art and it was done at Les Coquettes Beauty Lab. A beautiful, new beauty space in the center of Athens.
What do you think?

Kiss. Kiss.

Les Coquettes Beauty Lab, Aghias Eirinis square, Athens, Greece, September 2016

Nail Art Mania - StyleloveNail Art Mania - StyleloveNail Art Mania - Stylelove


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