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fashion week outfit

Versus SLFW (StyleLove Fashion Week)

As Fashion Week for Fall 2013 takes place in New York and I am not there because no one payed for my expenses to go or even invited me, I am going to post outfits I would wear on Fashion week if I was there. Yes, because, why not?

So, I would attend BCBGMAXAZRIA show today(in a few hours if I was in New York) at 10AM wearing these relaxed jeans and shirt to start with (because I have lots of days ahead and lots of outfits to style and well, I am cool and easy going), matched with many necklaces.

I would also wear this amazing red roses headband that I made by myself to make a statement. A statement that says I can fix things with my own hands!
Also the statement would say: Spring is close and flowers blossom, so wear them although you ‘re watching fall collections.

As you can see, from the pictures of course, the headband would be worn as a choker for the first half of the show and as a headband for the second one.
Do I need to explain why? No? Ok good, cause there is no reason really.

Anyway, I have a show to attend, so please excuse me, I have to be busy and twitter stuff from the catwalk.

P.S. I hope you get my irony, because if not, I must sound like a crazy person.
Happy Thursday!


fashion week outfit

fashion week outfit

antik batik clutch

Zara shoes

diy headband

Zara jeans, Zara shirt, Zara shoes, Antik Batik clutch, Dannijo necklace 1, Dannijo necklace 2, custom made red roses headband (just sew some fake flowers on a headband) and other old necklaces


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