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Party Fun Dressing

party dressing

by Xeni Kouveli

Sunday. At home. Writing this post. Life is cruel. But what can you do, right?
Since it’s my 2 year wedding anniversary tomorrow (when am I gonna wear this dress again?), I thought I’d wear my party outfit and help you get dressed for your wedding parties, which are numerous at this time of year. (This post could also be called, Wedding party outfit or Wear your sister’s vintage skirt and go to a wedding.) So now you know about my skirt. It belongs to my sister and I basically forced her to give it to me. She had no choice. I can be tough. I love this skirt and it goes perfectly with my Fringy Beige. Fringy can be very demanding. She likes to have fun and party all the time and she wanted company. So she got it.

I paired her with an old All Saints dress and another inside it, I wore a cross body bag for the effect (layering is a disease) and my new sling backs by Nak Shoes. Et voila! The most important detail though, is my nails. Done by my friend Loula who painted them, obviously inspired by Piet Mondrian. Loula, next time lets try Paul Klee, huh?

Kiss. Kiss.

Party outfit

Thalatta Fringy beige

Nak sling backs

party dressing

gregio necklaces

gregio rings

Vintage skirt, All Saints sequin dress, Topshop see through dress, Nak-Rebeca Sanver sling backs, All Saints cross body bag, Thalatta Fringy Beige bag, SSE sunglasses (similar), Gregio jewelry


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