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Pomegranate, silk, Christmas and a dress

Red might be THE color but I look like a Christmas tree..

The story goes like this: I am soon to become a “koubara” (very soon, 27th of October!!!), something like a Maid of Honor, for you foreigners out there who read this amazing blog, and obviously i have to wear something for this wedding. Which by the way is going to rock!! Go! Yiannis & Elena!
So, i decided to use the big guns again! I am talking about my favorite designer Eleni, who also made my wedding dress!! Remember my post on July??

As you can see from the pictures i chose red! Lots of red.. i thought it would match my friends wedding decorations –she is doing a pomegranate kind of theme plus some other stuff– but it didn’t accur to me that i could look like a Christmas tree as well!! But, on the other hand, we will be close to Christmas those days.. and red is a nice color right??

Ok, i am just keeding.. The skirt and the top are going to look awesome when they are done.. I just thought, i could easily make a post out of these pictures..

That’s all for today.. and oh, I should mention that i got inspired from Lanvin’s Fall Winter Collection for this outfit and the fabric i chose is silk taffeta(???).


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