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Sometimes I wonder

Why some products are so expensive?

I am pretty sure that you all have seen this ankle boot around..
Especially by Leandra Medine of @Man Repeller.
I guess it’s beauty is questionable.. some will find it nice, some will find it awful.
The real question here is why?

Why is it so expensive? Are those little metals real gold??
oh right.. it’s Balenciaga.
I understand that, since it’s a brand it will be expensive. But €875 is a lot of money for a boot. An ankle boot.

Every year the prices increase dangerously. Slow down people. We love fashion and clothes and shoes but please make it more affordable. Even if i had the money to spend on without thinking, i would find the price over-charged. I don’t know.. Maybe i am just frustrated because this year, my budget can’t even come close to Zara prices..

What are your thoughts on this matter? really disqus!

I know i cannot afford these boots but at least they fit nicely on my blog!

photo from http://www.balenciaga.eu


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