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Street style = Street catwalk

Street style is the best style

I am having a look on Jak & Jil website and i have.. jaws on the floor kind of face. All pictures are magnificent and the people have amazingly matching outfits, walking like models on catwalk, holding accessories and phones and posing like professionals..
Of course, most of these pictures are taken during fashion week and the people in them, work in the fashion industry and that’s why they look so good. I guess these are the people who hold the trends of each new season on their hands nowadays!

So, what i want to say is this: Street style is the new catwalk.. The runway in fashion week happens in the streets and not in the buildings that host the shows. There is a much bigger fuss about the fashionistas attending the catwalks rather than the shows themselves.

And i have to say, i like it. It feels more “familiar” and you can adapt it easily.
What are your thoughts..?

photos from Jak & Jil, Stockholm streetstyle, The Style Scout

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