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The kimono

Kimono Mitropoulos

by Xeni Kouveli

This post is dedicated to my friend Sophia. Sophia and I have known each other for many years. It’s not THAT many… we are not THAT old… We used to swim together at Kyra Leni beach in Spetses. I remember watching Sophia swim like a dolphin wearing an amazing onepiece swimming suit… See Sophia, you were stylish from the day you were born… I was younger and in my eyes Sophia was the ultimate stylish girl of the hood. As the years went by, we became friends. Best friends. Not like the best friends who write BFF and s*** like that on each other’s walls. We became the friends who stick around forever, even when time to time we lose contact with each other, the connection is never lost.

We happened to be roomates in England and we have seen each other at the worst and best possible situations and moods. For instance, when the hairdresser messed our hair and boy oh boy (you do not want to know how this ends)!!! Or when playing mpirimpa the fights continued for days. Or, when men messed us around. Seriously this can go on and on. Girls. No need for any further explanation.

To get to the point, Sophia gets me. Sophia gets my style. Sophia gave me this amazing kimono. Sophia got this amazing kimono from Flash shop in Glyfada and it’s designed by Apostolos Mitropoulos for Underground. Xeni wore the kimono and fell in love.

Sophia, thank you and I am honored to be your koumbara… More good times are on their way!

Kiss. Kiss.

Kimono Mitropoulos

Kimono Mitropoulos

Kimono Mitropoulos

Gregio Rings



Apostolos Mitropoulos for Underground Kimono, H&M shorts (similar), Zara mules (similar and on sale), Gregio Symbola rings, sunnies


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