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The little white dress

Ioanna Kourbela dress - Pure Plus Glyfada

by Xeni Kouveli

I was never the girl that would wear a dress “this kind”. And by “this kind” I mean the dress that shows off your body, your curves, the “sexy dress”.
I remember on SATC when Carrie wore the little nude dress to go on a date with Big. The first date with Big. Extremely sexy, extremely not Xeni. The only time in the whole series that I judged Carrie’s outfit. And I am not the “Miranda girl”. Well, there is a first time for everything and I happened to wear a similar dress a few days ago.

However, this one is not as “all exposed, everything” dress. It could be. The thing is, that this Ioanna Kourbela dress is versatile. You can wear it as you like. It wraps around your waist and you can fix it’s length, it’s transparency and it’s “sexiness”. The particular one is silk and a bit more transparent but the cotton one is much easier to wear. So there you go, Xeni and the white little dress. White silk dress, black heels and cream sunnies. What do you think?

the dress is from Pure Plus in Glyfada, sunnies by Deep Shallow Exposition. Heels Michael Kors.
On the next post, you’ll see the details of the outfit.

Have a great weekend.
Kiss. Kiss.

Ioanna Kourbela dress - Pure Plus Glyfada

Deep Shallow Exposition sunglasses

Ioanna Kourbela dress - Pure Plus Glyfada

Ioanna Kourbela dress - Pure Plus Glyfada

Ioanna Kourbela dress - Pure Plus Glyfada

Ioanna Kourbela dress, Christina Giakoumi rings all from Pure Plus shop in Glyfada
Michael Kors sandals, Deep Shallow Exposition Sunglasses and bracelet.


  • Eleni

    It looks wonderful on you and believe you me, your drop dead gorgeous silhouette transports this look to high fashion land rather than sexyland. ;)

    August 18, 2014

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