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The Pattern Black

stylelove outfits

by Xeni Kouveli

The only good thing I can acknowledge from staying in the city during August is the lack of traffic and the lack of people around factors. However, I do miss some of my people but looking at the bigger picture, I get to park quickly and easily everywhere and take pictures anywhere while no one is looking at me (as long as I have someone to capture the pictures and that someone is willing to take them) smiley face.

So, yesterday Elena and I stopped in front of an abandoned house to capture my “astonishing” outfit and especially The Pattern sunglasses by Deep Shallow Exposition. After that we got to eat souvlakia-kalamakia and chips. They were good!

Kiss. Kiss.

Deep Shallow Exposition The Pattern

Deep Shallow Exposition The Pattern

stylelove outfits


stylelove outfits

Deep Shallow Exposition The Pattern

Nümph top, H&M shorts, Manebi espadrilles, Deep Shallow Exposition Sunnies and bracelet, Thalatta Kisses pouch, Gregio rings, Necklace from Flash Shop in Glyfada, C&Chic ankle bracelet


  • Eleni

    black ensemble like a dressed in black summer rebel, STYLELOVE indeed ;) <3

    August 8, 2014

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