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wolford top

Total black

The total black plus khaki look

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How to make your simple black top interesting


The total black look is timeless, safe and very stylish. What happens when you want to add a little something (still black) to make it more edgy though? Use your black scarf. You can start by wrapping it around your top or waist and then, when feel bored, wrap it around your neck as I did. For a reason, I always change my accessories along the way. Sticking my tongue out. Add a splash of khaki and you’re set to go!

Kiss. Kiss.

Greece, February 2016
Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7

Total black look edit the-brand pantsTotal black look - edit the brand pantsTotal black look - nak shoeswolford Total black lookedit the brand - Total black



ARMY fly jacket
WOLFORD pure pullover
NAK Shoes booties
CELINE sunglasses


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