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Travel with PinkTrotters

PinkTrotters Ambassadors

by Xeni Kouveli

You know what? It’s ok you can hate me after this post.
I know I’ve been photobombing you on all social media the past few days and now I am continuing with this post, but seriously you can be part of this whole amazing experience too! You see PinkTrotters is a community of International chic women travelling together in Glam Locations, just like Mykonos Island. It was my priviledge to join this trip to Mykonos as an ambassador and get to meet those fabulous girls!

So how you do it?
Register with the PINKTROTTERS here (http://www.pinktrotters.com/register/) and be part of the next trip to Mykonos Villa in July (http://www.pinktrotters.com/booking-system/villa-namos-mykonos-glam-holiday-chic-getaway-summer-2014/ OR in August at the Villa Ostuni in Puglia (http://www.pinktrotters.com/pt-villa-ostuni-july-august-summer-2014-puglia-italy-south-mediterranean-glamour-chic-holiday/) OR at the Villa in Ibiza (http://www.pinktrotters.com/pt-villa-ibiza-august-september-summer-2014-glamorous-holiday/)

Also, if you travel with PinkTrotters, you will get to enjoy amazing goodies from the Pinktrotters Sponsors, such as Manebi espadrilles, special edition panama hats by Panama Hatters, Sucrette beachwear, Ippocampo Jewels, Essie Italia, Scholl Italia, Loreal Italia etc.

Go on, book for the same experience here.

Kiss. Kiss.


Gottex Onepiece


pinktrotters beauty sponsors

manebi espadrilles

The pinktrotters villa

SugraFree Shops tracks



Ecua Andino Panama Lady Hat


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