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When you don’t… Why don’t you?

Stylelove ootd

by Xeni Kouveli

Not much to say this Monday…besides that it’s Monday and I’m moody. But no, there’s always something to say…

During the weekend I wore my custom made shorts, layered some shirts, wore my Stan Smiths (I had to take them off later on as it was too hot) and went out with the hubby. It was a casual Saturday night, I wasn’t very much into going anywhere to tell you the truth but I had to. Sometimes we just have to do the things our other halves want.

Sometimes it’s football Sunday which you promised you’d do that time when you were half asleep or that you will watch it with him or football Wednesday when you promised again that you’ll go with him even though you really, really didn’t want to. For me it’s usually the football thing that I have to attend and I hate it. I know I’m sounding all bitchy-bitch… I’m not. I haven’t finished the story yet.

So this time I promised Victor I would go with him to a party of a new Cafe Racers’ group that he joined the past few months. I mean it’s good to have a hobby so I was happy when he announced it especially because it didn’t include any football activities. I have my hobby too. Going out with my girls and drinking cocktails over chatting about fashion. He never tried to stop me from doing it nor said no to any of my invitations to attend some events. That’s why I had to go. And I did.

It was a party with classic cafe racer motorbikes in the middle of nowhere – seriously in the middle of hundreds of wine fields- and it was surprisingly good. There was a barbeque with hundreds of kalamakias, cheap beer and many people to chat with. Music from the 60s was playing loudly, I even found some people I already knew. I actually had a good time. And although I won’t admit it easily in front of him I always end up having a good time when he “makes” me join his activities.

How should I end this post then?

I must stop being bitchy-bitch.
Stan Smiths are not for the summer.
I prefer Cafe Racers style than the Bomber style.
I hate the rockabilly look. I had no idea there are still so many gathered in Greece.
Finally this is what I wore that night.


stylelove xeni kouveli





Custom made shorts, vintage sequin top, Asos top underneath, Stan Smiths, Diane von Furstenberg sunnies, Thalatta Cyber Palm tree clutch.

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