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sony xperia T3

Why Sony XperiaT3

by Xeni Kouveli

So, this week was a good week! I got a new kickass phone and a pair of awesome boots which you will see next week on the blog. Unless you follow me on instagram, then you’ll have seen it already. I am more than certain that I won’t be able to resist sharing some lame photo of my new boots and hashtaging it as #newlove #wearingtoday #ilovemyjob #fashionblogger #letsgetseriousreally. Yes. I am officially #lol right now. But, enough with my sarcastic afternoon mood, let’s get back to business and I will simply quote from a press release and as you go through it, which I am sure you will, you will find my fantastic comments and reasons why this phone is so good! … and I’m now giving you my tongue sticking out face:

Sony Mobile announced a collaboration with renowned German-born photographer Benjamin Kaufmann, as it presents a range of breath-taking, exquisite and unique photographs inspired by Sony’s new Xperia™ T3 smartphone.
1. It’s a fashion smartphone.

To coincide with the announcement of the stylish and slim Xperia T3, the release of the photographs highlights the ever-strengthening connection between design and technology, and the influence that landscapes and art has had on the Xperia T3’s design.
2. Design, minimalism, slimness.

Benjamin’s images infuse elements of the Xperia T3 iconic design qualities by combining shapes and colours that match the elegant form of its body. The unique stainless steel ‘mirror’ that frames the device is represented in the reflective waves of the sea, while the device’s white, black and purple variations are also characterised in the landscapes breath-taking palette. (Can you see my boots in the reflection of the phone???)
3. Rich, lifelike color and razor sharp pictures.

4. You can record your life with the innovative SmartBand SWR10, which you strap on your wrist.
5. Last but not least, long battery life. My favorite :-)

That is all.
You have the greatest weekend of all!







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