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Words on posing

On posing

and facial expressions

I write this blog since 2009, although I did cheat on it and fashion with furniture for a couple of years, as Carrie Bradshaw fine said on SATC movie 1.
But I am thinking today, how many poses can someone actually perform? How many facial expressions can be done? in order to maintain a non-boring fashion blog.

As I found out, the human face can make over 10,000 expressions.. !
I bet I can create 10.000 outfits as well… so we have 10,000 – 277 posts/outfits I have already posted…. equals 9.723 outfits and expressions to go!!! Give or take, I haven’t been posing on all posts really..

We shall be together for quite some time huh??

And since we talk about poses.. do you follow me on Pose???
You can find me under @stylelove. Duh!




Zara coat, Zara snood, Zara shoes, Zara shirt tied around my waist, Asos blouse (but you can’t see it), Pepe jeans and Alexi Andrioti clutch


  • cloudlinechicflows.blogspot

    Yo yo thug life! I mean how awesome can this layering be! And yes I totally get u! As a fellow bloggette I find myself at a loss over the multitude of facial expressions as my very own acting intolerance renders me able to perform a very limited number mostly related with sideway looks and aloof cuteness..

    January 29, 2013
  • You are such a fancy-word teller you!! really! < Does this even makes any meaning? <
    Do you give english lessons to fashion bloggers like me?? :-)))

    January 29, 2013

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